Which Payment Gateway Offers Pay With Bank Transfer Option?

4 min readJan 3, 2023


Simple Secure and Speed Bank transfer payments for online shop with Amex

Pay with Bank Transfer using Amex payment mode for online purchasing
Pay With Bank Trasnfer Payment Mode

Do you heard about Pay with Bank Transfer payments before? If not, then continue read this blog till the end. Here I came up with some knowledge about Pay with Bank Transfer for online stores.

Pay with Bank Transfer:
All we know familiarly about payment options are Credit card/debit cards, PayPal or stripe and many more payment modes incorporated by many online stores, but I don’t think so if they have bank transfer payment option. In order to provide this option Amex Pay with bank Transfer helps many customers to pay for their orders using direct bank transfer from their bank account securely and faster.

It would enable the store owners to create more trust among their customers to pay using bank account securely since this is fully managed by Amex payment mode, so merchants sit, relax and earn for their products along with catching of trust over shop from their buyers.

For this exclusive bank transfer payment on most of the online stores, many merchants saying thanks to Amex for providing this simple and secure bank transfer option.

Amex Pay With bank Transfer:
Amex we all know about this international payment card provider for safe and secure card transactions online and offline, they came up with idea to merge net banking with eCommerce online shop purchase so that we are talking about Pay with Bank Transfer payments. Amex pay with bank transfer provides convenience to the customer of online shop to pay their orders using bank transfer payment by selecting their bank and click proceed to pay.

Yes I guess you’re all thinking how could you integrate for your online shop? Let’s make it simple with modules made from Bootsgrid currently they have extensions separately for both magento amd wordpress only.

Special advantages:

· Easy and secure payment option

· Pays directly from bank account without fear

· Speed and secure transactions using pay with bank transfer

· Simple bank store integrations (as for now any UK based banks)

Step by Step process of Pay with Bank Transfer:

· Select Pay with Bank Transfer option

· Check payment amount details at checkout

· Choose your bank (if it listed any)

· Confirm your purchase

· Accept the disclosure

· Redirect to bank webpage to make payment via net banking

· Authenticate yourself with bank

· Complete payment successful.

Yes I have found this company via my friend’s referral to get payment integration for my ecommerce so that way I got this unique payment method of Pay with Bank Transfer option for my woocommerce.

Amex Pay With Bank Transfer Module:
Exclusively Bootsgrid launched this module at perfect time for store owners to integrate this helpful and secure bank transfer payments. Amex Pay with Bank Transfer module would help all stores in magento and wordpress to create fast and safe transaction with amex pay with bank transfer option by listing out few banks (I think only UK banks has this option, but I don’t know for European countries and USA have no idea if they have this option). This peculiar payment gateway carries entire transaction process from visible at checkout page to complete payment by buyer with highly secure processing from amex. Amex pay with bank transfer plugin will take care of payment processing from choosing payment method, and choose bank and proceed to pay for orders from respective online store to successfully complete the transactions. As for now only I have noticed at Bootsgrid has this payment module in magento and wordpress, I too expect for more CMSs on their product lists. Here you explore about this Amex Pay with Bank Transfer.

Features Amex Pay with Bank Transfer Module:

· Clearly visible at checkout page as Amex Pay with Bank Transfer

· Easily integrated with magento/woocommerce default order processing function.

· Supports with one step checkout process in magento.

· Notifies order statuses by using webhook notifications

· Fully secured from fraudulent activities and cyber threats.

· Directly land customers to their chosen bank page.

· No bank account info gathered at site, upto only select their bank from the provided bank list.

· It suits for multi store and multi currency online stores.

· User friendly admin settings and configurations

· On/off this Pay with bank transfer payment from admin section

· Store owner could enable/disable Live/test mode with Amex Pwbt module.

· Easy to install plugin/.module according to any CMS either magento or wordpress.

· Strictly followed data security policy as it supports for PSD2 (Payment service directive) along with Payment captures.

Here are these elegant features available with Bootsgrid’s Amex Pay with Bank Transfer module. From my experience with this Payment method to recommend for any ecommerce domain to provide safe and secure bank transactions from customer’s own bank account. Also one more point to end this section with team Bootsgrid would server for other customization services only if that matches with Amex’s Banking terms and conditions for any online store.

Also if you’re not familiar with payment gateway integration into your online store here I provide bonus topic of simple and easy steps for online payment gateway integration.

I think blog comes to an end at this and also I hope all you have nice exploration of Pay with bank transfer payments in Amex, Plus driven knowledge about Pay with Bank transfer module which is made by Bootsgrid exclusively. I‘ve never ever seen such a bank transfer payments

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