Top 5 Reasons to Integrate Amex Pay with Bank Transfer

Integrate Amex Bank Transfer Payments with your store

5 min readMar 4, 2023
Integrate Amex Pay with Bank Transfer for secure Bank transfer payments
Reasons to Connect Amex Pay with Bank Transfer

Did you ever heard about new bank transfer payments online? If not, here this blog dedicated only for you to make let you know about this safe and secure bank transfer payments online during shopping at online store. Or if you’re merchant then probably must be align your store to get integrated with secure bank transfer payments like Amex in order to add this Amex Pay with Bank Transfer payment module.

Amex introduced this fresh payment method of transactions via direct bank from customers bank account is new for UK till now, later they may cover all other European countries as well with this new payment method.

Some people may aware about this new bank transfer payment but on other side some others don’t have any idea Amex Pay with bank transfer payment option, for the later ones I am here to gave them already this Which Payment Gateway Offers Pay with Bank Transfer Option?

Here this blog who knows or not yet having idea yet, both can ready to know about, what are the 5 best reasons for integration of Amex pay with bank transfer.

5 Reasons for Amex Pay with Bank Transfer:

· Secure Bank Transfer Payment

· Reliable Payment mode

· Easy checkout experience

· Simple payment configuration

· Instant and quick bank transfer payment

  1. Secured Bank Transfer Payment:
    Every payment methods call themselves as secure one, but here amex is reputed and trustful payment solution they are providing fresh bank transfer payment option for eCommerce stores to make safe and secure payments for the orders by users from their bank account. As for now they are having affiliated with few UK banks to enable bank transfer payments with UK based online merchants,. Due to the direct bank transfer of amount, customers nothing to fear about security or any possibility of fraudulent activities; since it is fully debited from their bank account only won’t have any chances to do any security threats. If they are having any issue of payment failures they can directly contact bank or check with their branch, this is not involving of third party to take payments from bank account as fully the payment authorized by their bank only. Amex just does connect the bank with merchant’s online shop to choose bank and make payment by customer. Generally Amex is more secure than any other payment gateways since it has encryption/decryption techniques in passing the data to make blind of hackers not to give any threats to the transactions of users.
Simple and Secure Amex Pay with Bank Transfer Payments
Speedy and Secure Bank Transfer Payments

2. Reliable Pay with Bank Transfer:
Yes this is trusted payment method from Amex, since it connects the customers directly with their own bank account and make the payment for their purchased goods at online store. Many customers and merchants are happy to pay and receive amount via bank which is safe and secure, top of all most reliable payment mode for all online shops to enable the customers in order to pay for their items in cart. Instead of all older method online payment gateways like credit card/debit cards this Amex Pay with Bank Transfer creates more trusts among the customers to get the transactions done with security never afraid of any hacks or save and stolen the card details which are happening in this tech era because this Pay with bank transfer fully authorized by the customer’s bank.

3. Easy Checkout with Bank Transfer Payment:
In these modern days, everyone wants speedy processing of everything because they believed to be time and tide wait for no one, so that we take it for example at ecommerce store most audience regularly purchase goods and pay for items with online payment modes via any third party payment gateways like PayPal /Stripe/Braintree and so on, Also there are bunch of online payment gateways available to connect your store with any among them. Amex got with an unique concept of integrating few UK banks and provides customers the convenience to make purchases using bank transfer without intervention of any third party APIs or resources here the process comes too simple for them just like below the steps.

Steps in Pay with Bank Transfer Payment:

· Choose Amex pay with bank transfer payment mode

· Check amount to pay for order.

· Confirm before making payment

· Select the bank from the banks list

· Redirects and lands on bank’s web page

· Enter the user Id and password.

· Complete the payment and return back to site.

4. Simplest Bank Transfer Payment Configurations:
Any payment method should not only easy for customers to pay for their purchase, but also it will be easy for merchants too since some of the people couldn’t have better understanding of payment methods whether it is of any type of course. Here in Amex too there are little configurations part would carry forward the payment processing for order with the correct configurations on backend. When integrating Amex Pay with Bank Transfer in web for any online store, it requires some of the data which provided by Amex that should be configured to get payments for store admin.

5. Speedy Payment with Bank Transfer:
Payment gateways are should not only be secure, moreover it is essential to be secure one but it drive customers to pay for their orders secure and speed is must for any payment gateways, like that of Amex Pay with Bank Transfer provides too fast and highly secured transactions via the customer’s bank account. This Amex Pay with bank transfer payment method completely engage the customers to make payment with easy steps as I mentioned already in 3rd reason of this blog and this process would take only approx 3–4 minutes and on other end too admin instantly get paid for their sold items.

Here comes to an end session of this blog I hope you’ve all got an idea of why Amex Pay with bank Transfer to integrate with your online shop.

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