What about new Worldpay Enterprise Business Version for Woocommerce?

A new Worldpay eCommerce gateway for secure and fast transactions

6 min readFeb 7, 2023
Worldpay Enterprise Business Center ecommerce gateway for online store
Worldpay eCommerce Gateway

Do you heard about this new Worldpay Enterprise Business version? Yes in recent days many ecommerce stores switching their payment gateway to worldpay enterprise business from the regular worldpay business and/or online as it closed the services by worldpay last year one of the report as saying that. Since worldpay recently launched its new gateway as Worldpay ecommerce gateway from FIS that uses cybersource and worldpay acquiring platforms. It is ideal for all types of merchant online stores in UK from small to medium sized online shops because it supports both online payments and Mail order and telephone order (MOTO).

I don’t know first little confused too about this latest version of worldpay business, then later I have integrated this new and fresh worldpay enterprise business module for my woocommerce store which is from

Before digging to explore about the worldpay enterprise business, Do you all known about the previous normal worldpay business Bootsgrid Woocommerce Worldpay Enterprise Business Plugin.

guess? If not, let me explain shortly.

Worldpay Business Older:
In normal worldpay Business from the online shop, collecting the payment information and order details at checkout page, then if click on place order it redirects to the worldpay payment page to complete the transaction of order and get return back to site with success page. Order status and payment statuses updated according to their response on the store backend respectively.

Worldpay Enterprise Business:
Some of the people heard about this, but few not much familiar with this new and latest version of worldpay which is from FIS for enterprise business version. First this latest version has two different kinds of APIs to proceed with payments on online store, I know everyone of you sharpen ear to catch up what are they actually?

Worldpay Enterprise Busienss (EBC) Secure acceptance and Rest APIs
Worldpay Enterprise Business Center (EBC)

Worldpay Enterprise Business APIs:

· Hosted API

· Rest API

Worldpay Enterprise Business Hosted API:
Worldpay enterprise business has two different APIs to process the payments for orders from any retail merchants store, so here we going to see about Hosted API. Hosted API, the name indicates Hosted redirects into the worldpay bank page by proceeding with few secure stages from capturing payments to send order status and payment status of a single order. Before getting into this payment process as step by step, firs We should know about what’s in the API specifically?

Three essential data:

· Profile Id

· Access key

· Secret key

Above three are very crucial parts of this API to process the transactions of each order in order to receive by merchants which are securable data to save in Worldpay backoffice configurations. These three are automatically generated data on worldpay from FIPS global during registration of merchants.

Payment process with Hosted API:

  1. Tokenization

2. 3D secure authentication

3. Make card payment

4. Order and payment status

Tokenization or token generation process started when the user clicks on place order at the merchant store, then it requested for tokens from worldpay payment end , then by creating token and confirming the right merchant of the store, it get the user to the worldpay business payment page by redirecting from the online store. This process is only for identifying the merchant of the shop to process the transactions further with responses.

3D Secure Authentication:
This is next step where the users are get verified by worldpay with 3D secure authentication to continue their purchase with credit/debit cards by entering card details at the following stage. # D secure is to identify and make sure about the transaction by sending verification code to the user’s email or mobile number which registered with worldpay enterprise business.

Make Card Payment:
Once after the verification is done with 3d secure method of authentication, now this is time to make payment for user by entering their card details such as card number, cvv, card expiration and so on. Worldpay completes the transaction process securely and update it in their backoffice.

Order and Payment Status:
Once user made payment successful, then the order of the status and payment status updated automatically to the retailers site with respective status response as success or preview or cancelled or declined according to their status at worldpay enterprise business. It is used by webhook notification in order to send the instant live payment response notifications to pass on to the retailer ecommerce.

These payment and order statuses created by getting request Id and transaction Id of the payment on the respective with online merchant shop when used payment mode of worldpay enterprise business.

Worldpay Enterprise Business Rest API:
Rest API in worldpay enterprise business is to make payment for order at checkout without redirecting to worldpay payment page, it simply and securely done by the user on site. Just enters their card details after choosing worldpay enterprise business as their option with rest API. Then completes the order with success message if the transaction is successful or else receive respective response status according to their payments status. Same request Id and transaction Id used to get the order status and payment statuses to be updated on merchant backend of the store like hosted API.

Rest API keys:
there are two keys which is crucial to process payment with rest api key and shared secret key which generates in cybersource and invisible to view here in worldpay.

Then let’s come to the point you may ask about, Is there any readymade solution available to implement? Yes I recently searched everywhere to get this latest worldpay enterprise business version to incorporate for my online store, but luckily I’ve got it from Bootsgrid which is inbuilt with two API’s as I explained above.

I would like to give you all the little bit explanation of features in the woocommerce worldpay enterprise business plugin.

Woocommerce Worldpay Enterprise Business Plugin:
Woocommerce plugin for the latest worldpay enterprise business from Bootsgrid, yes it offers convenience for online store like us to manage easily from woocommerce admin side with easy configurations to utilize both separate APIs (Rest and hosted) in single plugin. From my experience with this plugin, I have used both APIs on my online shop both are secured payment processing without any fraudulent activities due to the strong Payment flow as it is in the API of worldpay.

Special Features:

· Easy backend configurations for both api’s

· Simple to configure details at woocommerce

· Enable/disable the plugin anytime

· 3D Secure authentication for hosted API

· Multiple supported currency at worldpay

· Available payment methods in worldpay for proceed payment

· Automatic order status by using webhook notifications

· Greatly supported with natural woocommerce order flow.

· PSD2 Payment services directive is available for enforcing data security.

· Security enhancements to avoid the fraudulent activities.

· Perfect to implement for one step checkout woocommerce.

· Easy to manage both rest and hosted api’s.

Here we came to an end of this session, I hope you all get good exploration of the latest worldpay enterprise business version moreover you had a glance over the new plugin for it.

Let do share comments on your view about which is better either new version of worldpay enterprise business or its better to remain with older worldpay business? What’s your opinion?

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