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Elevating Brands through Customized Magento Solutions

7 min readSep 7, 2021

Custom Magento Web Development:
Magento is most recommended online software to upgrade the business over online with amazing features are in-built with package which are offered by Adobe firm either in both community and enterprise edition. But every business owner’s requirements are different in many ways maybe they could targeting on customer’s location, want to extend its basic version of software to built high quality marketplace so that here only want to hire or approach some of the Magento Website Development Service company who are having experience in large numbers but my recommendation is first view the profile or portfolios of the firm what type of projects they have delivered so far. For hiring process to build your magento from scratch, first be clear with your own concept or idea to further moving towards development, since you only know how to make it functional your ideas into system here we can simply it as converting business needs into systematically functioning ecommerce.

Magento Web Development Steps:

· Know about Custom requirement

· Sharing and discussion

· Set timeline and budget

· Choose theme

· Theme inclusion

· Setting up admin/catalogue

· Payment gateway/shipping/any third party integrations (if you required)

· SSL installation

· Testing

· Launching of store

Above hierarchy of steps might be different based on your custom business modifications or requirements about Magento Website Development. Here only showcased normal development process and steps for building new Magento ecommerce development usually carried out by Magento Developers.

Custom Magento Web Development Company

Bootsgrid Magento Web Development Company:
Bootsgrid is standard Custom Magento Web Development Company which is well established firm where tech geeks coordinately building smart super fast running online stores by using of open source PHP platforms such as Magento, Wordpress, Prestashop, Opencart, CS-cart and so on all are at one place. Bootsgrid served more than millions of ecommerce store owners till around the span of decade and also they not limited to only developing new stores, or building websites but also committed to several development activities specifically for online store optimizations in wide ranges like new functionality integration, custom payment creation and integration, Site maintenance in terms of upgradation/migration, quick bug fixes for unexpected errors or strange things around the site.

Before taking a glance over the magento services what they are offering at this tech firm, will see their list of general ecommerce development services for all online shop PHP applications.

eCommerce Web Development Services:

· Online store build from scratch

· Custom extension/plugin/module development

· Designing/redesigning of site

· Payment gateway development plus integration with API

· Database/store migrations

· Testing online store

· Store upgradation from old to latest (regardless of any CMS)

· Regular maintenance and bug fixes

· Suggesting any solutions for problems or improvements

Why Bootsgrid expert in Magento Development?
Bootsgrid always striving smart not hard in finding solutions for complex problems and assured secure on-time delivery of products along with cost effective in business and top of all since almost a decade they serving high quality of products in this field client satisfaction is only their priority in front of everything there is no partiality in mind if once trust them Bootsgrid will never abandon them

Bootsgrid’s Quality:

· Well equipped Professional in magento

· On-time delivery

· High standard quality

· Assured security

· Magento forum solution providers

· Magento Solution partner with Adobe

· Guaranteed support and service

· Capturing your business ideas in short time

· Round the clock support provided

· No compromise on exact expected product by clients

· Custom extension builder

· Creative in design side

· Quick and permanent bug fixes

Magento Website Development Company

Magento Services:

· Installation and Configuration

· Designing/redesigning

· Custom Plugin Development

· Extension installation

· Payment Mode integration

· Theme development/integration

· Regular maintenance service

1. Installations and Configurations:
Site installations and setting up basic configurations on backend of your magento store is very simple and easy within a day only if you’re having proper required details to sort it out quickly those details are as Site URL, Server details, Database access (My Sql), FTP access and Cpanel credentials are more required data to proceed with your fresh magento store installation and set up. Once you had set up your magento online shopping store, it will work with default options, payment modes and everything what are newly added with magento package which recently updated new version or latest so if you need any changes or want to add any custom function let you approach Magento2 Development Company or hire Magento Experts today with Magento Website Development Service.

2. Designing/Redesigning Store:
Attracting your audience at their first to the shop no option is better than that of improving your shop’s UI/Design just it will be seductive in their mind and present the online store with high quality themes and let your customers finding items, shopping smoothly with fast running of functions loading faster and grabbing products into their wishlist which leads to future purchase assured if you guarantee with faster and secured delivery, so here covering up the leads with greater design is tactics in business.

3. Custom Plugin Development:
Making your store the best by implementing new trendy functions which increases productivity with frequent generating of sales, since your customer expecting much better from you not only in terms of your items or beyond normal sales and activities need to keep up your online marketplace smarter and advanced one with unique functionalities which benefits your prospects while on their visit so immediately approach or hire magento professional like Bootsgrid for executing ideas into real time working functions with Magento Custom Extension Development Service.

4. Extension Installation:
There are many Magento Development Agencies available to support you with standard extensions to tackle with exact function which you needed but if it in case not some people with less technical knowledge seeking for tech guru in order to proceed with installation process, for this purpose only even extension developers could also dedicate serving universal clients with Magento Extension Installation and configurations as one of their service put up in their portfolios since it is not too complexity, but quiet little to setting up store as compatible one with recent updates of extensions. If you have extensions at hand in files or already bought from other developers no problem Bootsgrid will carry over to the next steps with installation, configuration and set up.

Magento Extension Service Bootsgrid

5. Payment Mode Integration:
Online payment method is essential for every business not only for ecommerce domain, but if you’re the store owner before getting ended up with any payment modes just explore it in depth, read and compare those type of payment gateways and measure its security with payment gateway provider. Once you bought the API and created merchant account with respective payment portal, then its time to integrate with your shop, no worries Bootsgrid will help you to integrate and set up the plugin working as per the API provided by payment service provider or else if you want to create new payment plugin for your shop its better to approach this expert Bootsgrid for Magento Payment Gateway Integration service.

6. Theme Development/Integration:
Theme development is quiet big task for creating new themes for specified magento platform I think Theme Developers are available in large numbers but their service fee is not qualified with our expected experience number and quality, even though there are some of the magento standard themes also exist in online such as Ultimo, porto and so on but for some of the business reasons based on audience’s taste need to design your site at high quality with new theme or custom themes which perfectly fits for your store. Just right it from here onwards not yet improved UI/Design of your Magento, then No choice is better to proceed for Custom Theme Builder other than this firm.

7. Regular Maintenance Service:
May we expect some unfortunate downtime in business is normal but make sure it won’t get running out of time with errors or bugs for fix so that Bootsgrid has simple idea of providing instant bug fixes or fixing critical issues on priority basis with Magento Maintenance Service offers or literally saving up your store from threats or errors, on the other hand also providing regular maintenance such as Store migration, version upgradation, removing of error logs etc to stay your store with advanced features and sometimes Database migration can be possible with right migration tool

Maintenance Service:

· Version upgrades or migration

· Database migration

· Store redesign

· Fixing immediate bugs

· Critical issues handling

· 24/7 support available

These are all services provided by Bootsgrid Private Limited. I hope this specific topic will be helpful for you to select the Best Magento 2 Development Company to handle end-to-end support with Magento Platform.