Top 10 UK finance providers

9 min readFeb 4, 2020


Today we are going to explore over trending online business of finance integration system with its benefits and also by the way we can disclose about some of the giants in this finance service platform for long term or decade specifically based of UK cities. First these finance systems are providing the benefits both to retailers and customers at the same time which would make them to achieve their goal with finance support. Also we would need to note at this point their main objective is not only to provide the finance support with bulk of EMIs and increasing interest rates but also they would need provide finance solution with affordable interest rates that leads to stay customers into relax mode on repayments of debits. All over the world mostly ecommerce sector making its impacts in every sector even cosmetics, home appliances are available online and seducing customers to purchase with online payment and finance options like Deko finance, omnicapital finance, Paybreak finance, V12 retail finance etc. For this purpose only Bootsgrid already developed these finance modules to all ecommerce stores check it here (

Online finance solution

Here are the lists of top 10 finance providers in UK below:

1.V12 retail finance:
V12 retail finance solution is one of the top leading finance service provider in UK and securing many retailers by offering acceptable finance packages with minimal interest rates to the customers while on their purchase so that’s only the reason behind V12 success over years. It offers the finance packages in four types they are Interest free, Interest bearing, Take5 and Buy now later. For all merchants could believe in sales growth rate with more revenue percentages after installed the V12 retail finance within their online store. Have you not done yet? Then please check it out Bootsgrid for integration ( Customer could purchase goods or services by spreading of cost over monthly installments with flexible finance package options such as Interest free or interest bearing.

Finance packages:

· Interest free

· Interest bearing finance

· Take5

· Buy now pay later

Interest free:
Interest free finance will offer the customers to pay the debit with free of interest over the month of 3 -440 months and also it stabilizes the growth rate of retailers business in smooth manner. It also benefits the customers for purchasing the products online or in store with installments of 3–48 months without paying of any interests.

Interest bearing:
If it in case of bulk numbers in purchasing items or goods via online store then highly recommended finance with interest bearing to the customers since it assures full finance amount with minimum deposit amount and repayments will settles within the term of 12–60 months package.

Take5 finance solution package would allow the customers to purchase the goods by using this finance option but with interest free since they only need to settle the debit amount over the five month term of period. It would be good alternative solution of interest bearing finance.

Buy now pay later:
Flexible finance solution package is Buy now pay later and avail this finance option then increase sales revenues by allowing customers to purchase items with interest free but within stipulated time period of 6.9 or 12 months of installments as in whole over the month of installments.

2. Duologi finance:
Duologi finance is one of the familiar finance provider in UK marketplace and they are providing finance solution in a smarter way which would benefits both retailer and customer at the same time. Duologi finance provides the finance in a smarter technology of 0% interest finance and Buy now pay later method of finance for all customers it attracted the customers and make them remove their barrier of amount from purchasing the products with hassle free finance solution at checkout. If we focus from retailers end they can increase sales growth by avoiding abandoned carts from the customers end so it rapidly increase revenues by following of frequent shoppers or repeated customers on their website.

Finance offered by duologi:

· 0% finance –monthly payments with interest free

· Buy now pay later — delay payments for up to a year

With 0% finance option customer could purchase more number of products online without suffering about interest rates but they can spread of total cost over monthly terms and also by using this finance retailer too becomes happy for selling huge number of products at the instant. If customer would wish to purchase products in bulk then they tackle their finance trouble with duologi by choosing Buy now pay later option to spread out the cost with extra grace period to settle it out later but it depends on their chosen package. Duologi offer the finance payments from 3–60 months for the products purchasing price from 150 GBP to 15000 GBP.

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3. Snap finance UK:
Snap finance is one of the leading finance providers in UK and they are offering no credits needed finance to customers which generates the organic sales growth rate for many merchants. They provided finance solution with single virtual card to the approved customers those who are applied for finance via online and with that card customer can able to purchase everything whatever they wish at single store, single purchase by using single card. Also many finance firms focused their view point on customers but here snap fully take responsive care in merchants by providing merchant centric finance solution to customers.

Steps followed for finance application:

· Apply for finance

· Get approved and get instant finance card

· Shop with finance card

Once you get approved from snap team they will specifically allotted you with finance card on your phone and then you can able shop everything whatever you want from furniture, electronics, Jewelry, Tires and wheel and mattress.

4. Omni capital finance:
Omni capital finance offering simpler finance solution to SME’s since 2009 with smart cost effective technologies in terms of finance to the customers and make retailers relax by counting profits % on daily basis. They are offering finance solution in both online and in-store for customers to proceed for finance requests with two kinds of finance packages as interest credit free finance and interest bearing finance. Omni capital delivers the credit score system which provides the interest free for customers those who are in mood of purchasing the products without bothering about repayments at free of interests. Many retailers succeed in their business by implementing this finance due to high acceptance rates which leads to increase in turnover of their online shop.

Finance offered by Omni capital:

· Interest free credit finance — 0% APR

· Interest bearing finance — from 4.9% APR

Omni capital’s interest free credit score system finance allows the customers to purchase the products online without worrying about interest since it comes with interest free support and repayment terms from 6 to 36 months with high acceptance rates. Also we can take for interest bearing finance allows the customers to purchase the products with gradual repayments of interest for long term of 12 to 48 months.

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5. Afford it now (paybreak finance):
Afford it now is one of the leading finance solution provider in UK to maximize sales revenues of many retailers by offering this finance solution to consumer while they are become shoppers at one point. This paybreak finance inaugurated in 2012 for offering the finance solutions to consumers those who are in urgent need of finance support for fulfilling their business needs and at the same time they could save many retailers or merchants by generating sales revenues through offering finance packages with affordable interests’ rates for consumers. This paybreak finance offering with few affordable interest rates of packages to customers are as follows.

Finance packages with interest rates:

· Interest free finance

· Interest bearing finance

· Flexible finance

· Lite finance

These finance packages would allow the customers to purchase or facilitate the services offered by the retailers within their online store or in direct store. For any integration process would need to do within your online store let’s check it with Bootsgrid (

6. Deko finance:
Deko finance is one of the top notch finance service providers in UK and they are succeeding in this field for over a decade by providing the flexible finance repayments to the customers at the instant of time and also if it in case of retailers can run their business online with hassle free of selling products by enabling finance solutions at checkout page to customers. Deko finance also provides the finance packages in terms of Interest free and Interest bearing options.

Finance packages in Deko:

· Interest free

· Interest bearing

7. Klarna finance:
Klarna is giant in fintech sector over 14 years and successfully compensating customers with best flexible finance options for their instant time of purchase via online. Also klarna satisfies the retailers on the other end by boosting up of sales in order by enabling the flexible finance packages to the customers when they become shoppers in online stores. Customer could purchase not only via online store but also they could purchase with Klarna mobile app and buy whatever they want, whenever they need. There are three kinds of finance packages provided by klarna they are as follows.

Three finance solution at klarna:

· Interest free installments

· Pay upto 30 days later

· 6–36 month finance

Interest free installments finance solution provides the customers with no interest and no fee for the purchase they only need to do is paying the installments of purchases order in 3 parts or dues by saving their credit or debit cards online with details. If any customer would like to pay for the goods or items only after they received directly from the store so for this purpose only pay later finance enabled by Klarna for paying the repayments after 30 days from the shipment date. Pay for the instant time of order online by saving credit or debit card details at the checkout along with filling of credit applications. Once after approval of applications they will be able to complete their order and every month they can make payments online or through Klarna mobile app.

8.Close brothers finance:
Close bros finance is one of the legendary finance solution provider in UK and they running finance business over 140 years and also they are offering finance solutions almost to all type of products and services in every industries such as Agriculture, Education, Aviation, vehicle rentals, marine, constructions, machinery and so on. Also most of the customers would prefer or expecting this finance in almost every online store since it offers the financial support in many forms such as Hire purchase, refinancing, insurance, finance lease and operating lease these are all finances offered for assets but they can also provide financing to vehicle purchase at second hand equipment purchase and so on.

Asset finance solutions:

· Hire purchase

· Refinancing

· Insurance

· Finance lease

Operating lease

9. Praetura finance:
Praetura finance started in 2014 and they are having great financing experience over 60 years so they can able to offer the finance for almost all assets like vehicles, waste and recycling, constructions, engineering, transport, printing and agriculture etc. Asset finance is financing of assets based on the borrower’s balance sheet and provides the finance for the asset. They are providing asset finance in the forms of Hire purchase, refinance, finance lease and operating lease.

Forms of asset finance:

· Hire purchase

· Refinancing

· Finance lease

· Operating lease

They also provides finances for asset in sale like selling of heavy vehicle like tractor, trucks as a second hand equipment to customer and generate the revenues for that purpose they are offering finances in fixed payments with lower deposit amount.

10. Lloyds Finance group:
Lloyds finance is one of the part of Lloyds bank group which are based in UK and founded in 1765. It has 40 years of experience in asset finance business and they offer two primary asset finance products (hire purchase and finance lease). They are ready to offer financing support to its customers who are having turnover of 50K GBP and above and also your business would be running for 10 years to grab the finance products. They are able to support with finance for professional practices such as plant hire, engineering, constructions etc and also Lloyds is not just finance providers but also they are one of the largest bank in City so they offers loans, credit cards, internet baking and mobile banking support too for their customers.