How to Hire Custom Online Shop Development Agency in 2022?

5 min readJun 27, 2022
Custom eCommerce extensions development
Custom Extension Development Agency

Are you in search pool? To find Best custom online shop development agency online then you’re at the right place.

Here in this blog will see everything for online store admin how to hire online shop website development agency, providing requirement and finally disclosing top Custom Extension Development.

Before start with agency hiring criteria, first will look what are custom eCommerce extensions?

Custom Online shop Development:
There are lots of readymade extensions for executing functions on ecommerce system available out, But in very rare cases clients like you having unique ideas in mind to implement customized functionalities or custom functions in order to grow your business for that there is no luck of freely or readily available plugins because it might not be meet up with business requirement so many clients will purposefully seeking for tech geeks support or hire any eCommerce development agency. In the following section you will understand how to choose ecommerce development company?

Steps to hire Custom Online Shop Development Agency:

ü Choose perfect development company

ü Research skills and experience

ü Check over previous customer’s feedback

ü Explain well your functional requirement

ü Ask approximate timeline and Budgeting

Custom Web Shop Development
Custom Online Shop Development

1. Hire Online store Development Agency:
There are huge numbers of eCommerce development companies available to build online store, or Custom extensions or payment gateways but very difficult situation occurs when choosing and hiring the one. In order to avoid such tough hiring situation, first review company’s website what they are capable to do? Then next checkout on customer’s feedback what they are saying about them, Analyze in which area they are strong in such like some companies can build either custom functionality modules or payment gateways and don’t forget to see their full capability based on experience and skill set.

2. Research Expertise areas and experience:
Are they perfect fit for your project? Are they right choice to do your custom requirement? Make sure before you going to hire any eCommerce development company by getting visit onto their website if they have any and taking few glimpses over their services and products what they have launched so far and how many years of experience they have and so on. Remember to ask how many employees currently working. Based on experience, domain area and strength of the organization, you could prefer to go with the one who has ability to satisfy your business requirement one you hope with that.

3. Read out Customer’s Feedback:
Before you getting started with any IT firm even if they are closely meet up your required skills and experience let’s take a glance over the previous customer’s reviews and feedbacks, What their customer’s say about them and how many stars they rated based on customer’s like you have experienced either good or bad. Then finally you could decide to choose that eCommerce Development Firm further.

4. Approach with Brief Functional Requirement:
Are you sure about functional requirement? Do you have proper requirement document? Yeah this is very essential for any development companies to start your project because in later stage it’s difficult to make any changes in functionalities as it leads to increasing the deadline of timeline to complete programming related works by techies. If you have full functional requirement document or at least you can able to clearly explain your custom functional requirement for business needs it will be be easy to go with that one by companies and move faster in progress.

5. Ask Expected Delivery timeline:
Once you tell the functionality on what basis should it work for your business and everything if they say fine, then what you going to do next? Never jump onto budget before ask for at least approximate timeline to complete, and then calculate with your expected time of delivery which would meet itself from their approximate timeline. Several companies fix time of delivery based on the requirement functionality implementation and some others fix on available techie to allocate this project depends on their expertise level.

6. Quote to Project:
Finally once everything set fine from requirement explanation to setting up timeline on project, then negotiate with budget some companies quote for the project on hourly basis and few others would approach with fixed price depends on your requirement. Before deciding a company let do validation of it by evaluating their experience, available number of developer they have and Ensure, Are they really worth to pay for the project?

Bootsgrid- Custom eCommerce Development Agency:
I am an SEO analyst and running my own Digital marketing company by delivering top quality SEO projects for global clients especially UK based online stores. I walked across many projects and have seen large number of clients only for Digital marketing or brand promotions I can deliver awesome outputs. In sometimes multiple clients seeking for development support too, In that time I preferred to send them for other tech companies who are well strong in development side such as Custom development services so on the way I came across Bootsgrid Private Limited who are the team of experts well hands on experience in building such custom extensions for customized functionality depends on client’s business requirement on Magento, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, CS-cart, Opencart and so on.

They are well versed in developing custom functionality for ecommerce websites, moreover apart from creating custom extensions equipped developers are there to build custom payment gateway for online stores and if do any customization on payment method etc. They are also having experience in developing UK’s top retail finance modules for online shopping websites like V12, Omnicapital, Afforditnow and so on.

Here below are such examples of custom services they are similarly providing:


· Add extra field in Cash On delivery function

· Coupon code for best sellers

· Shipment tracking

· Products per payment method

· Custom products

· Finance calculator

I heard about this company many times among my clients this is familiar for assured best ecommerce support and services in all CMS on PHP so that I thought to write blog about this agency for long time ago finally completed.

I hope from this blog post you’re all gained some knowledge on hiring criteria to choose best Online Store Development company in 2022.

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