Awesome vacation rentals solution Flyout airbnb clone script

4 min readOct 3, 2019


Every vacation rentals platform getting optimized with digital solutions like Flyout Airbnb clone which is made of PHP codeigniter framework since it assure the secured features and functionalities on the whole website. Many UK rentals business owners enhanced their business to seduce the customers with more flexible options and features like Online hotel or room booking with many payments options such as PayPal, Credit card, Stripe and so on. Maybe one question will definitely hits on your mind as why should we changed to the new platform by enabling the online hotel booking services especially by using Codeigniter php framework? since this is modern era every customer only attracts with some pricing other than do that payment or booking process in an smarter manner that’s why most of the rentals, travels, or hotel booking business owners and customers would preferably go with online solutions like Airbnb, Trivago. No worries as your the host of your rentals platform then pick the greater solution Flyout( Lets we gander about the vacation rentals in the following session.

Flyout vacation rentals script

Vacation rentals business:

In an ancient days many of the guests checking their room space for vacations or tours via approaching the travel agents to schedule their stay in room or cottage or eve for cabin. But now everyone wake up e=morning with any smart electronic gadgets like Smart phone, Iphone, Ipad or something more extraordinary one. Just they book their stay with few clicks by spending only couple of minutes. On the other hand host or owner of the rentals space could be able to list their space on any hotels booking or room booking platforms like Airbnb, Expedia, and so on. Also host could be able to receive the rental amount via any online flexible payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Credit card or debit card and so on. This is the reason behind the fact of facing more website traffic by many huge rentals booking websites online since it works smarter rather faster for the users(host & Guest).

Stay cool by booking online

Benefits of online vacation rentals:

  • Unlimited number of users: Multi user create more traffic on the webtie either they maybe an guest to check any availability of space for their stay and at the same time host listing their space. Its very simple and smart for the users to book the hotel and list their space.
  • Cover Globally: Yeah there is nothing could restrict the admin of the platform or hotel owners to manage their listings geographically and also it will be an open source website for all users in this universe everyone could be able to access the facilities which are available on the website maybe either they are as host or guest.
  • Multi language and currency: As I already said in the previous point multi supported platform for you on everything from Language and currency, payments and so on. also easy to connect with the guest by the host once they have booked their space via online and let them know the details which is provided by the guest.
  • Safe and Secured functionalities: Most of the people still panic in online transactions or in some case while giving any personal and get stored in the system. Cool everything which you are saved in any of the website but before you should make ensure that website would be secured one or not.
  • Open and share via social media: In these days everyone want to expsoe everything via social media by sharing or posting the post from their account such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram etc. share or invite friends with any of your social media accounts.
  • Booking and cancellation online: For customers its very simple and easy to book and cancel their bookings online by following simple steps online and also they will get any offers or discounts from the respective host by contacting them.
  • Processing and allocating the rooms: For host it will be very easy and simple to make the process of allocating the dates in smart calendar to avail the rooms for the guest who are booked already.
  • Earn double by admin: For admin of the whole booking site they would earn some huge amount from the host and guest as a commission fee for hotel or room booking and listing charges and also they can execute any rules and policies of their website which would consider them as a strict one.