10 Simple Tips to Manage Woocommerce Web Shop

Few easy tricks to optimize online store woocommerce

8 min readAug 16, 2022
Easy ideas to manage woocommerce web shop
Simple tips for woocommerce web shop

Woocommerce Web Shop Optimization Strategies:
Nowadays since pandemic 2019, there are enormous of online shopping store launched rapidly in this short time of two years so high demand exist to maintain the store by employing any technical sever maintenance team, but on other side some people have less technical knowledge in managing store. This problem is for all online store in whichever platforms such as Magento, wordpress, CS-cart, Prestashop, Opencart and Drupal but today we are going look onto few easy and simple options to manage your wordpress web shop or simply call it as Online store woocommerce. Here I can help you in optimizing your woocommerce store by setting at your store admin and few non-technical steps; I think it sounds good for you all.

Tips for Woocommerce Web Shop maintenance:

· Woocommerce configurations

· Exploit speed woocommerce wordpress themes

· Integrate easy and free woocommerce plugins

· Shrink images files size and optimize woocommerce

· Install Caching woocommerce plugins

· Make your woocommerce store mobile friendly

· Regularly update wordpress shop website

· Delete high resource woocommerce store plugins

· Disable unwanted DB cache in Wordpress Web shop

· Upgrade memory space on wordpress

1. Properly set Wordpress Web Shop configurations:
From the approximately data analyzed 2022 there drastic increase with the usability of wordpress shopping website (woocommerce) I hope everyone here reading this post could be using woocommerce store you’re all well known about woocommerce admin panel which made from wordpress where you have to edit, configure and make amendments to wordpress web shop system. Here I would like to simple configurations which make your online store speed and get optimized just going to make action on backend settings.

Optimization suggestions:

· Recommend to change admin login URL as unique one instead of default wp-admin like this one. This is to protect your store from any cyber threats.

· Narrow down your pages with best options to edit the counts to show the contents in your product page or other for example: Review counts to show only 10 to 20 is better to get high speed website when user entering your site and another use woocommerce setting in depth to add custom blog posts counts to be visible on frontend for reducing high page loads on your online shop. Also this method you can try at comment section of the blog.

My suggestion is to keep tracking on performance of your woocommerce system and retrieve reports, start analyzing and go with option of disable or even truncate the unused themes and plugins to reduce the load of wordpress web store.

Wordpress Web shop optimization level
Optimization level of wordpress web shop

2. Install high speed Wordpress Shopping Website themes:
There are bunch of wordpress web shop themes available or else perfectly designed woocommerce themes are also out there, you can decide with what would be the best for your business in terms of budget and long term worth able to implement on woocommerce online store. When you choosing the woocommerce themes, you should take into consider is fast and great looking theme my suggestion is to maximum try with pure white colored theme it is best choice for SEO purposes to get possibilities for high ranking on Google. Also Google doesn’t consider slow loading applications and very messy designs, so be smart in choosing themes for your woocomemrce web shop.

3. Incorporate easy and free WooCommerce Plugins:
There are plenty of woocommerce free plugins available and many people making their site’s performance down by bunching of all available free plugins into it, but it really doesn’t matters how many plugin you have in your store? Only you could do install plugins only if it is necessary for your Woocommerce Online store. If you’re new to the wordpress shopping website as launched recently, would you require any suggestions on plugins? Here I give you the best recommendations for plugins below.

Recommendations for Woocommerce shop plugins:

· First go with default required functional plugins

· Analyze what functions mainly your shop depends on

· Search availability of free plugins for your custom functions

· If it exists you’re lucky one to get, but what to do if there is nothing, so go ahead and find available woocommerce plugin developer

· Share you required custom functions for woocommerce and hire the best WordPress Plugin Development firm.

4. Shrink larger sized Images on Woocommerce Web Shop:
For generally ecommerce stores will have tons of images in various file formats and sizes, due to this there is possibility of site’s performance might get affected because of mega sized pictures or banners and even if you’re running consistent woocommerce online store with as you whatever you images required. Maximum avoid very large size images for your wordpress web shop such as it may be product image or sliders etc, because google won’t get slow loading sites on first page while user searching your shop. Just upload only normal resolution images not necessary of HD quality but clearly visible to your customers what’s about with the picture? If you don’t have to do with larger file sized images let do compress and upload that one depends on your needs. Mostly this is one of the tactics to optimize your site.

5. Cache handling on Wordpress Web Shop:
For every websites, cache management is must for admin to tackle any updation issues from site administrator’s dashboard. Wordpress web shop is not exceptional for this, so that as you’re store owner should know about what to do for avoiding bundle cache storage in your end so here I would like to tell you some advice on cache management. If you can’t do manage the cache manually by periodic time intervals, there are several free cache oriented plugins also available to integrate with wordpress web shop go check out those online as “cache plugins for woocommerce

Types of cache in Wordpress Shopping Website:

· Server cache — Cache created in server when if your customer send any requests for functions to work on frontend

· Admin Purge cache — To reflect the changes in frontend by updating and retrieving updated info on items or anything use purge cache system for refreshing the cached data and make visualize the recently made changes from admin end.

· User’s browser cache — Obviously you could know about this browser some people not regularly refreshing their browser so they can’t able to view the updation of site because of cache storage on browser either it would be chrome or firefox both are getting high cache. If they regularly clear unwanted cache and cookies will changes with site info surely shown instantly.

6. Make Mobile Friendly Wordpress Shopping Website:
One of the researches saying there are 95% of users addicted to online shopping via mobile devices rather than desktop users. Main focus is on, if you launching wordpress or whatever website system you have for online shopping you should build it with customer centric mobile friendly layouts with good responsive in mind, moreover my tips to be for clear mobile design is to implement light colored design or even you can choose pure white themes with attractive images or sliders with compatibility to set for all handy device users. For wordpress shopping website what products are you going to sell, it doesn’t matter but present your shop very seductive is essential on both desktop and mobile.

7. Frequently Update Woocommerce Web Shop:
Yes, when you’re launched with woocommerce or wordpress website, keep crack with regular updates and implement as fast as possible to escape from any cyber attacks via any spiders or spam contents which come from other malicious web directories. In order to keep your wordpress shopping site the secure one, do the periodical analysis then update plugins, themes and other default functions. Mainly here you could focus on to disable bloat on wordpress because bloat has strong ability to slowing site’s performance due to the presence of unwanted features and functions on site, so if you disable bloat it will affect the site’s performance well. By doing this your woocommerce web shop surely get optimized in terms of both performance and security.

8. Dispose Unwanted High Resource Woocommerce Web Shop Plugins:
Wordpress is a best platform for all kinds of business websites such as ecommerce or any other industries, but one bitter fact with that is, it has several unwanted plugins which consumes the memory resource from CPU/RAM which creates slow loading site and suddenly if you find one day troubles with page loading or any low performance, site will shock you with high storage consumptions might be by plugins, themes and unwanted scripts. Tackle this situation; you can decide at the beginning of launch, what is needed and what is not? Or else keep track of site analysis daily, weekly or at least monthly by getting advice from any wordpress development company.

9. Wreck off Database Cache on Woocommerce Web Shop:
Generally woocommerce would have many customers and orders created in quite large numbers, with that many number of requests has been made by your users on woocommerce may it drive into slow loading of pages, very less responsiveness to the functions they have requested also leads to admit at poor performing sites, so I would recommend woocommerce online store owners keep on update with cache from wordpress backend by enabling disable cache option under woocommerce settings. There are two options for disable cache on woocommerce admin one is about DB cache and object cache is other, so if you’re noth having excellent hositing service you could do manage by this method on backend. Also if you want any simple plugins to do this, then go and search for it on Google may it would helps or else hire any woocommerce development firm as a custom plugin if you need anything.

10. Hike Up Storage Space on Wordpress:
In wordpress generally has sufficient storage will be available to run your online shopping website with woocommerce plugin enabled, Usually wordpress dedicates certain storage limit for php to run your wordpress web shop so it is necessary to periodically keep track of your online store whether it is loading speedy without any bugs. If the memory space almost to be complete with your wordpress, the system alert you with message as “memory limit is exhausted” so something similar message will reach out to you when opening your woocommerce store backend, so allocate maximum storage space for your woocommerce store as much as you can it depends on your Woocommerce web shop’s number of items, customers and order etc.

I hope here this blog would help many woocommerce shop owners to manage of their own with these easy tips.

If you’re the one who seeking for any support with woocommerce plugin development here you contact me too.

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